Managing and Processing Applications (Recruit 4.0)


This course contains information on managing applications.



Processing Applications

  1. Introduction to Processing Applications
  2. Entering a Paper Application
  3. Manually Adding a Supplemental Information Item
  4. Manually Adding a Supplemental Information Item - Test Scores
  5. Manually Adding a Supplemental Information Item - High School Transcripts
  6. Manually Adding a Supplemental Information Item - College Transcripts
  7. Automatically Adding Supplemental Information by Application Type
  8. Marking Applications Complete
  9. Editing a Submitted Application
  10. Editing a Submitted Application

Managing Letters of Recommendation

  1. Introduction to Managing Letters of Recommendation
  2. Customizing Default Recommendation Forms
  3. Creating Supplemental Information Types
  4. Customizing Delivered Email Workflows
  5. Creating Supplemental Items
  6. Viewing Received Letters of Recommendation

Reviewing the Application Folder

  1. Introduction to Reviewing the Application Folder
  2. Assigning a Reviewer to an Application Folder
  3. Reviewing Application Folders and Making Proposed Decisions
  4. Sending the Application Folder to the ERP

Printable resources:

  • Processing Applications Quick Reference Guide
  • Managing Letters of Recommendation Quick Reference Guide
  • Reviewing the Application Folder Quick Reference Guide


1 hour


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Duration: 1 hour

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