Managing Campaigns (Recruit 4.0)


This course contains information on managing campaigns and communications.



Creating a Quick Campaign

  1. Introduction to Creating a Quick Campaign
  2. Creating a Quick Campaign
  3. Viewing Campaign Tasks and Activities

Creating a Campaign

  1. Introduction to Creating a Campaign
  2. Modifying Preconfigured Calendar Campaign Templates
  3. Creating a Campaign
  4. Adding Activities to a Campaign
  5. Filtering and Excluding Campaign Activities
  6. Creating a Marketing List
  7. Associating a Marketing List to a Campaign
  8. Confirming the Workflow Schedule for Campaigns

Managing a Campaign

  1. Introduction to Managing a Campaign
  2. Viewing the Campaign Calendar
  3. Reviewing Campaign Responses

Printable resources:

  • Creating a Quick Campaign Quick Reference Guide
  • Creating a Campaign Quick Reference Guide
  • Managing a Campaign Quick Reference Guide


1 hour


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Duration: 1 hour

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