Managing Communications (Recruit 4.0)


This course contains information on managing campaigns and communications.



Managing Activities:

  1. Introduction to Activity Types
  2. Creating a Phone Activity
  3. Creating an Email Activity
  4. Creating an Appointment Activity
  5. Creating a Task Activity
  6. Using Notes
  7. Marking an Activity as Complete

Automating Communications Using Workflow

  1. Introduction to Automating Communications Using Workflow
  2. Reviewing Automated Workflow Communications
  3. Modifying Preconfigured Email Templates
  4. Modifying Preconfigured Letter Templates
  5. Modifying Delivered Workflow Communications
  6. Creating a Workflow
  7. Adding a Check Condition to a Workflow
  8. Adding a Wait Condition to a Workflow
  9. Adding an Activity to a Workflow
  10. Saving and Activating Workflows
  11. Running On-demand Workflows

Printable resources:

  • Managing Activities Quick Reference Guide
  • Automating Communications Using Workflow Quick Reference Guide


1.7 hours


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Duration: 1.7 hours

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