Managing Imports (Recruit 4.0)


This course contains a series of lessons on how to set up and import data.



Setting Up Common File Type Imports

  1. Introduction to Setting Up Common File Type Imports
  2. Setting Up Common Suspect Record Imports
  3. Setting Up Common Test Score Imports
  4. Setting Up Common Application Imports

Importing Common File Types

  1. Introduction to Importing Common File Types
  2. Importing Suspect Records
  3. Importing Test Scores
  4. Importing Application Records

Managing Custom Imports

  1. Introduction to Managing Custom Imports
  2. Exporting a Template
  3. Importing a Custom File and Mapping Fields

Configuring General Prospect Imports

  1. Introduction to Configuring General Prospect Imports
  2. Analyzing and Preparing the Source Data
  3. Creating Fields for the General Prospect Import Staging Record
  4. Creating Field Mappings
  5. Updating the Mapping Workflow for Custom Fields
  6. Creating a Data Map
  7. Exporting a Data Map
  8. Creating the Prospect Import Contract
  9. Importing a General Prospect File

Configuring General Application Imports

  1. Introduction to Configuring General Application Imports
  2. Copying the Application Import Template
  3. Adding New Fields to the Application Staging Record
  4. Adding Field Mappings for New Fields
  5. Creating a Workflow for Related Records
  6. Creating a Data Map
  7. Updating a Data Map
  8. Creating an Application Data Catalog
  9. Importing Applications

Printable resources:

  • Setting Up Common File Type Imports Quick Reference Guide
  • Importing Common File Types Quick Reference Guide
  • Managing Custom Imports Quick Reference Guide
  • General Prospect Imports Setup Quick Reference Guide
  • General Application Import Setup Quick Reference Guide


2.2 hours


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Duration: 2.2 hours

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