Managing Opportunities and Recruitment Goals (Recruit 4.0)


This course contains information on managing opportunities and recruitment goals.



Promoting and Auto-Qualifying Suspects

  1. Introduction to Promoting and Auto-Qualifying Suspects
  2. Setting the Suspect Auto-qualifying Criteria

Working with Prospect Records

  1. Introduction to Working with Prospect Records
  2. Reviewing a Profile
  3. Understanding Related Records
  4. Creating a Prospect Record Manually

Working with Opportunities

  1. Introduction to Working with Opportunities
  2. Reviewing an Opportunity
  3. Creating an Opportunity
  4. Closing an Opportunity
  5. Defining Institutional Settings for Opportunity Matching
  6. Defining Institutional Settings for Business Process Flow

Defining Territories

  1. Introduction to Defining Territories
  2. Verifying Academic Terms and Creating Recruiting Periods
  3. Creating Recruiting Teams
  4. Creating a Territory
  5. Modifying Delivered Territory Criteria
  6. Assigning a Territory to a Recruiter
  7. Reassigning a Territory at the Opportunity Level

Defining Enrollment Goals

  1. Introduction to Defining Enrollment Goals
  2. Modifying Delivered Enrollment Goals
  3. Defining Enrollment Goals for Territories and Recruiting Periods
  4. Calculating Enrollment Goals

Using Ratings

  1. Introduction to Using Ratings
  2. Adjusting Ratings
  3. Viewing Ratings on a Prospect's Opportunity

Printable resources:

  • Promoting and Auto-Qualifying Suspects Quick Reference Guide
  • Working with Prospect Records Quick Reference Guide
  • Understanding Related Records Quick Reference Guide
  • Merging Duplicate Records Quick Reference Guide
  • Working with Opportunities Quick Reference Guide
  • Defining Territories Quick Reference Guide
  • Defining Enrollment Goals Quick Reference Guide
  • Using Ratings Quick Reference Guide


2.5 hours


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Duration: 2.5 hours

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