Recruit Implementation Preparation Webinars (Recruit 4.0-4.7)


This series of lessons will help you prepare for the start of your Recruiter implementation. These workshops will help orient your project leads to key topics that will be covered throughout the implementation of Recruiter and that this preparatory work will help facilitate some of the decision-making and effort that is typically expended in the course of an implementation.



  1. Recruiter Payment Gateway Webinar
  2. Web Front End Overview and Form Configuration Planning
  3. Web Branding and Marketing Cloud Overview Webinar
  4. Opportunities and Prospects Webinar
  5. Communications Planning Webinar
  6. Integration Planning and Overview Webinar
  7. Territories and Goals Webinar
  8. Travel and Events Planning Webinar


6.7 hours


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Duration: 6.7 hours

This course is available to you as a benefit of your institution's maintenance agreement for Ellucian products.