About Ellucian On-Demand Training

Ellucian's On-Demand Training is designed in short segments to help you quickly master the software that you use every day. Included are over 800 courses, which contain thousands of video lessons and printable resources.

What's Included

On-Demand Training covers a wide range of Ellucian solutions. Many titles may already be available to your staff, as a benefit of your institution's Ellucian maintenance agreement. Download our full course listing to see course titles, descriptions, and access level requirements.
Download the Course Listing
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How to Access

You can browse our entire library of on-demand training on this site (training.ellucian.com), however you must have an Ellucian HUB account to view the courses.

If you do not have an Ellucian HUB account, register for one at https://clientapps.ellucian.com/SignUp.

  1. Log in to the Ellucian HUB.
  2. If you have problems logging in, need a password reset, or have questions about a pending HUB registration, contact csenablement@ellucian.com.

  3. Click the On-Demand Training app to be automatically logged in to the training library.
  4. If you have just activated your HUB account, it may take up to a full business day for this app to be added to your account. If you do not see the app after this time, contact elearningsupport@ellucian.com.

    On-Demand Training
  5. Browse for courses under the On-Demand Training menu. Courses that require a premium subscription are labeled in the course listings.

Demonstration Videos

Demo with Banner course (10:12)

Demo with Colleague course (10:42)

Subscription Pricing

To purchase a subscription please contact your Ellucian sales representative, or edservices@ellucian.com



Advantage Plus




  available to all Ellucian customers with an active maintenance contract included with Advantage Plus maintenance contract for Banner or Colleague $949 per year
1 year = $28,470
3 years = $21,353 per year
5 years = $18,980 per year
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  every staff member within the institution receives access every staff member within the institution receives access named user access, transferable in cases of staff turnover every staff member within the institution receives access every staff member across the consortium receives access
  * access to all on-demand training content requires an active Ellucian HUB website login.
Don't have a login? Register here.
Complimentary On-Demand Content
Banner by Ellucian (navigation courses only)
Colleague by Ellucian (navigation courses only)
PowerCampus by Ellucian
Ellucian CRM Advance
Ellucian CRM Advise
Ellucian CRM Recruit
Ellucian Elevate
Ellucian Ethos
Ellucian Solution Manager
Advantage Plus On-Demand Content (also included in Premium)
additional pre-selected courses for Banner  
additional pre-selected courses for Colleague  
Premium On-Demand Content
Banner by Ellucian    
Colleague by Ellucian    
Degree Works    
Ellucian Portal    
Intelligent Learning Platform    
Luminis Platform