Chrome users: Audio not playing?
A recent release of Google Chrome may have defaulted your browser's AutoPlay policy, which determines whether audio plays automatically. If the audio narration is not playing automatically when viewing lessons in Chrome, you can pause the playback, then play again, as a workaround. Alternatively, you can access Chrome's AutoPlay policy flag by pasting the following into Chrome's URL bar: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy

On-Demand Subscription Library Course Listing

This downloadable resource provides the full listing of courses that are included in Ellucian's On-Demand Subscription Library. Access to many courses is restricted to Ellucian customers who have purchased a full subscription, or to customers who receive access to selected courses as a benefit of their Advantage Plus maintenance agreement for Banner or Colleague.

Course listing was last updated on:  May 18, 2018

Download links:    Excel (.xlsx)   |   comma-separated (.csv)    (Tip: Firefox users right-click and choose Save Link As)

Notes about columns included in the list:

Course Name Course names many change periodically as they reflect newer versions of Ellucian products. Typically this will be reflected in the version number that is appended to many course names, for example (Banner ST 9.2).
Accessible without a subscription? Yes indicates that the course is accessible by all Ellucian customers. These courses are made available to customers as a benefit of their maintenance agreement(s) for Ellucian products.
Accessible to Banner/Colleague Advantage Plus Yes indicates that the course is restricted to Ellucian customers who have an Advantage Plus level of support for Banner or Colleague.
Full Subscription Required Yes indicates that the course is restricted to Ellucian customers who have purchased the full On-Demand Subscription Library.
Course URL Links provided in this column will launch the description page of each course. Login is required to follow each link. Courses may be launched from their description page.

Note that individuals who follow links to courses that they do not have access to will receive a Page Not Found error.