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Some issues have been encountered using Internet Explorer and may be related to browser security settings. If you encounter this issue, we recommend using a different browser if you are able to. You can also try to update your Internet Explorer settings, as this has been known to resolve the problem in some cases. Visit this page for instructions.


Ellucian is currently developing on-demand courses with audio narration to enhance the learning experience. Audio is included in all courses for Banner 9, Colleague UI 4 & 5, PowerCampus, Ellucian CRM products, Ellucian Ethos, Ellucian Solution Manager, Elevate, and Quercus.

Audio is not included in older courses, which include Banner 8 and Luminis Platform.

Audio not starting automatically?

If you find that audio playback is not starting automatically, this may be due to your browser's autoplay policy. Many browsers have introduced default policies that prevent audio from playing automatically. To change or override this default behavior, please refer to your browser's Help or documentation, or consult with your organization's IT staff. A few browser-specific tips are below:

Google Chrome

Access the autoplay policy setting by pasting chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy into the following into the URL bar.

Mozilla Firefox

Access the autoplay policy setting by pasting about:config into the following into the URL bar, then search for media.autoplay.


Autoplay settings can be founder under Preferences > Websites > Auto-Play.

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Getting Started

How do I obtain an Ellucian HUB login?    view PDF
How do I verify my email address?    view PDF
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Finding and Viewing Courses

How do I register for a course?    view PDF
How do I view a lesson within a course?    view PDF
How do I view a printable resource ("quick reference guide") within a course?    view PDF
How do I manually mark a lesson as complete?    view PDF
How do I "quick start" a course? (for subscription holders only)    view PDF

Where to Get Additional Help

Ellucian HUB

If you need assistance with your Ellucian HUB account, including forgotten username, password reset, or questions about your access to applications within the HUB, contact

On-Demand Subscription Library

If you have questions about the On-Demand Subscription Library, or if you are experiencing difficulties using this site, contact

Advantage Plus access to On-Demand Subscription Library for Banner and Colleague

Institutions with an Advantage Plus maintenance contract for Banner or Colleague receive access to a pre-selected collection of courses for those products. Please visit this page for more information and links to these courses.

Instructor Led Classes and Schedules

If you have questions about Ellucian's instructor-led training or class schedules, contact