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Ellucian CRM Advance On-Demand Learning Path

On-Demand training for Ellucian CRM Advance is provided to Ellucian's customers as a benefit of their product maintenance agreements. Training is listed below in the recommended sequence.

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Course Name
Navigating Ellucian CRM Advance
Navigating in Ellucian CRM Advance view details
Reviewing Dashboards in Ellucian CRM Advance view details
Working with Biographic/Demographic Information
Maintaining Constituent Information view details
Viewing Constituent Information view details
Setting Up the Name Pattern Generator view details
Maintaining Name Information view details
Viewing Name Information view details
Maintaining Contact Information view details
Viewing Contact Information view details
Maintaining Employment Information view details
Viewing Employment Information view details
Maintaining Relationships view details
Viewing Relationships view details
Maintaining Involvement/Participation view details
Viewing Involvement/Participation view details
Maintaining Education and Other Attributes view details
Viewing Education and Other Attributes view details
Managing Prospects
Maintaining Research Information view details
Viewing Research Information view details
Maintaining Prospect Information view details
Viewing Prospect Information view details
Managing Contributions - Pledges
Maintaining Designations view details
Endowment Stewardship view details
Maintaining Giving Groups view details
Entering Pledges view details
Entering Gifts and Pledges Payments view details
Enering Matching Gifts and Expectancies view details
Modifying Contribution Data view details
Maintaining Gift Societies view details
Viewing Contribution Data view details
Campaign Maintenance view details
Managing Memberships
Setting Up Membership Programs and Levels view details
Premium Maintenance view details
Managing Dues Payments view details
Managing Memberships view details
Viewing Membership Inquiry Forms view details
Moves Management
Moves Management view details
Communication Plans view details