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Ellucian CRM Advise Overview
Ellucian CRM Advise Overview Do you want to learn the basics for developing a successful intervention strategy for student success at your institution using Ellucian CRM Advise? Watch this overview and pre-recorded webinar that provides a demonstration of Ellucian CRM Advise from multiple perspectives. 44 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Ellucian CRM Advise Fundamentals
Navigating in Ellucian CRM Advise New to Advise? Navigate through Advise as you learn to review a student record and perform a quick search. 15 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Managing Dashboards and Reports Do you want to monitor the performance and effectiveness your early alert system? Learn how to review delivered advisor, faculty, and student success manager dashboards. Also see how to run delivered reports or download a database schema for use in custom reports. 22 minutes free 2.0-2.1 course 2.2 course
Using Advanced Finds and Views Need to find specific data based on criteria? Learn how to use views and the Advanced Find feature to search for, select, and display multiple records. 17 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Managing Alerts and Activities Ready to reach out to at-risk students? Learn how to create and manage alerts and activities such as phone calls, emails, appointments, mobile notifications and more. 31 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Managing Schedules and Appointments Do you work with students face-to-face? Advising appoints are critical to student success. Learn how to define your advising schedule, review and manage advising appointments, as well as use the advising calendar. 15 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Degree Works Integration Do your Advisors want to view Degree Works data during an advising session from Advise? Learn how to configure Degree Works integration and view Degree Works Student Educational Planner and Degree Works audit data for advisees. 20 minutes free   2.3 course
Faculty Experience
Adding Alerts to the Students in the Faculty Experience Is one of your students at-risk or struggling? Do you need to submit an alert? Learn how to submit an alert and review alert submission history through Ellucian Faculty Experience. 7 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Success Engine, Communications, and Engagements
Managing the Success Engine How do you identify at-risk students and reach out to them quickly? Learn how to automate identifying these students by creating risk conditions, indications, alert rules, and using the scoring engine. 46 minutes free 2.0-2.1 course 2.2 course
Managing Communications and Engagement Plans Do you want to learn how to set up automated communications to connect with students? Do you want to create activity templates, engagement plans, or templates? Learn how to manage communications and engagement plans. 30 minutes free 2.0-2.1 course 2.2 course
Creating Communication Plans Do you need a date driven communication plan? Or a communication plan that triggers as soon as a student is placed on academic probation? Or a communication plan that includes relative wait periods such as 5 days before or after an event? Learn how to create these communication plan types and include either dynamic or status communication lists. 12 minutes free 2.0-2.1 course 2.2 course
Creating Communication Plan Activities Do you have a robust communication plan to help struggling students? Learn how to automate these communication activities by attaching email, phone call, and letter activities to a communication plan. Learn how to set wait days and create conditional branches in the communication plan. 23 minutes free 2.0-2.1 course 2.2 course
Using Case Management Do you need to assign, route, or share a support case with a team? Learn how to review, manage, and resolve support cases. 25 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Communicating with Bulk Email Need to send marketing emails containing logos and images to large groups? See how to use bulk email to market your institution to inquiries and prospects. 15 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Sending Mobile Notifications Do you want to connect with at-risk students by sending push notifications to their mobile devices? Learn how to send mobile notifications immediately or on a scheduled delivery date. 8 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Technical Setup, Maintenance, and Imports
Technical Integration Are you planning a technical integration with Ellucian CRM Advise? Learn at a high level, about the architecture involved in integrating Ellucian CRM Advise with your ERP and LMS. 33 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Managing the Student Experience Want more options for configuring the student experience? Learn how to schedule a business closure for the entire institution and configure document management for students. 6 minutes free 2.0-2.1 course 2.2 course
Setting Up and Using Alerts Are you concerned about student success? Learn how to set up alerts, alert templates and notifications, and use engagement lists in alert rules. 13 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Managing Users, Security Roles, and Teams Do your users have access to the right data in order to perform their daily tasks? Learn how to manage users, security roles, and teams. 12 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Managing System Administration Do you monitor workflows and system jobs? See common practices for monitoring workflows, system jobs, and system health monitoring. 14 minutes free 2.0-2.1 course 2.2 course
Managing Data Want to keep your system running in peak performance? Built something in test and want to move it to production without rebuilding? Learn how to update current and prior terms, use pre-configured data, and use the data transfer tool to export multiple types of data between Advise instances. 13 minutes free 2.0-2.1 course 2.2 course
Working with Imports Need to set up imports? IT Leads and System Administrators learn how to set up automated entity imports, create entities, relationships, and custom fields. Also learn how to work with data maps and source data. 33 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course
Server Side Synchronization Do you need to set up server side sync? 8 minutes free 2.0-2.2 course

CRM Advise 1.x

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Ellucian CRM Advise Overview view course
Setting Up and Using Alerts n/a
Navigating in Ellucian CRM Advise view course
Managing Dashboards and Reports view course
Managing Users, Security Roles, and Teams view course
Managing Data view course
Managing System Administration view course
Using Advanced Finds and Views view course
Managing Alerts and Activities view course
Managing the Success Engine view course
Managing Communications and Engagement Plans view course
Creating Communication Plans n/a view course
Working with Imports view course
Using Case Management n/a view course
Technical Integration view course
Scheduling a Business Closure for the Entire Institution for Student Self-Service n/a view course
Managing Schedules and Appointments n/a view course
Communicating with Bulk Email n/a
Accessing Other Support Options view course
Sending Mobile Notifications n/a