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Ellucian Analytics
Analytics Overview Ellucian Analytics leverages the power of Ellucian Ethos to provide timely information about your institution. This product improves decision making by bringing together data from disparate applications. 16 minutes free view course
Perform Administration Tasks If you administer Ellucian Analytics, you need to know how to configure the product, create users, schedule jobs, and more. Complete this course to learn how to administer this product. 16 minutes free view course
Navigate Analytic Tiles You have Ellucian Analytics set up and ready to go. How do you navigate the Analytic Tiles to glean information from the data? Is it possible to save your own filtered versions of the tiles? Complete this course to learn how. 20 minutes free view course
Create a New Analytic Tile If you have a need to create your own Analytic Tiles, this course is for you! 16 minutes free view course
Analytic Tile Design Standards What are the best colors to use for a visualization? How do you design an analytic tile for a colorblind person? Where should you place filters, content, and content labels on the analytic tile? This course provides answers for Ellucian Analytic tiles. 5 minutes free view course
Tableau Calculations Did you know you can create and use calculated fields on analytic tiles? This course leads you through three examples of creating calculation fields to change analytic tile visualizations. 15 minutes free view course