Banner Finance (8.x)

Banner 8 Overview

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On-Demand Courses for Banner Finance (8.x)

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Banner Finance
Purchasing Goods and Services This course covers Purchasing and Procurement in Banner Finance.

  • Purchasing Goods and Services Overview
  • Purchasing and Procurement Foundations
  • Processing Requisitions
  • Managing Approvals
  • Managing The Bid Process
  • Creating Purchase Orders
  • Working With Purchase Orders
  • Managing Blanket Purchase Orders
  • Managing Change Orders
  • Receiving Goods
310 minutes adv+ premium Log in to check access
Accounts Payable This course covers the Accounts Payable section of Banner Finance.

  • Overview of Managing Accounts Payable
  • Processing Invoices/Credit Memos
  • Performing Accounts Payable Queries
  • Processing Payments
  • Running 1099 Reports
  • Managing Purchase Cards
205 minutes premium Log in to check access
Reconciling and Balancing General Ledger Accounts In this course you will learn how to work with general accounting transactions, including encumbrances and journal vouchers. In addition, you will learn how to use queries to review budget information, trial balances, transactions, encumbrances and documents created in the general ledger processes. You will also learn how to use Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Reporting within Banner Finance.

  • Reconciling and Balancing General Ledger Accounts Overview
  • Working with Encumbrances
  • Working with Journal Vouchers and Cash Receipts
  • Using the Internal Vendor Processing FUPLOAD
  • Running General Ledger Queries
  • Running General Ledger Reports
  • Managing GASB Reporting
  • Managing Fiscal Year End Processes
330 minutes premium Log in to check access
Managing Budgets In this course, you will learn how to manage budgets following the process from budget development to budget monitoring and maintenance.

  • Managing Budgets Overview
  • Managing the Budget Development Cycle
  • Managing Budgets in Banner Self-Service
  • Working with Labor Budgets
140 minutes premium Log in to check access
Managing Fixed Assets This course covers Fixed Assets in Banner Finance.

  • Managing Fixed Assets Overview
  • Creating Fixed Assets
  • Working with Adjustments, Depreciations, and Write-offs
  • Using Fixed Asset Queries
  • Running Fixed Assets Reports
220 minutes premium Log in to check access