Chrome users: Audio not playing?
A recent release of Google Chrome may have defaulted your browser's AutoPlay policy, which determines whether audio plays automatically. If the audio narration is not playing automatically when viewing lessons in Chrome, you can pause the playback, then play again, as a workaround. Alternatively, you can access Chrome's AutoPlay policy flag by pasting the following into Chrome's URL bar: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy

Degree Works Learning Path

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Course Name Description 4.15
Degree Works Functional
Degree Works Functional This course provides an overview for basic functionality in Degree Works. view details
Degree Works Technical
Degree Works Technical In this course, you will learn how to install and maintain the various Degree Works applications. view details
Degree Works Scribe
Introduction to the Degree Works Scribe In this course, you learn basic functionality of Scribe PC tool, basic scribe code, highlights key sections in the Scribe User Guide and complete scribe exercises. view details
Web Scribe Fundamentals In this course, you learn how to identify block header and body components, create basic course rules, and identify qualifiers. view details
Using Scribe In this course, you learn how to navigate the Scribe main interface, use a brower interface with Web Scribe, and save a local file. view details
Programming with Web Scribe In this course, you learn how to program with Web Scribe from basic searching for and viewing recent blocks to scribing a block, to more advanced topics such as using rules, group rules, and linking web pages using Advice Jump and rule tags. view details
Advanced Degree Works Scribe In this course you learn advanced scribe code and complete scribe exercises. view details