Chrome users: Audio not playing?
A recent release of Google Chrome may have defaulted your browser's AutoPlay policy, which determines whether audio plays automatically. If the audio narration is not playing automatically when viewing lessons in Chrome, you can pause the playback, then play again, as a workaround. Alternatively, you can access Chrome's AutoPlay policy flag by pasting the following into Chrome's URL bar: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy

PowerCampus Learning Path

On-Demand training for PowerCampus is provided to Ellucian's customers as a benefit of their product maintenance agreements. Training is listed below in the recommended sequence.

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Course Name Description 8
Navigation In this course, you learn navigation for PowerCAMPUS. view details
PowerCampus Basics
PowerCampus Basics In this course, you learn PowerCAMPUS basics. view details
Vista Views
Vista Reporting In this course, you learn about Vista Reporting. view details
Vista Views In this course, you learn about Vista Views. view details