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Quercus Learning Path

On-Demand training for Quercus is provided to Ellucian's customers as a benefit of their product maintenance agreements. Training is listed below in the recommended sequence.

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Course Name
Training Overview
Quercus Training Overview view details
Program Manager
Program Manager Overview view details
Setting-up Data and Course Organization view details
Setting-up Fee Structures view details
Processing Admissions view details
Setting-up Application Service view details
Advanced Settings for Application Service view details
Managing Enrolments Overview view details
Setting-up Services view details
Creating Templates view details
Managing Enrolments view details
Exams & Progression
Managing Exams and Progressions view details
Setting-up Academic Regulations view details
Manage Student Progression view details
Technical / Integration
Managing Technical Integration view details
Setting-up Identity Management and User Profiles view details
Reviewing Client Needs view details
Consulting Process
Quercus Consulting Processes view details