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Ellucian Workflow
Ellucian Workflow Overview Do you need to automate processes at your institution? Do you want a workflow solution that works across all your applications: Ellucian, third-party, and your institution applications? Then the Ellucian Workflow Overview course is for you. This course provides information about Ellucian Workflow powered by Ethos and demonstrates a workflow that automates a process. 18 minutes free view course
Build an On-Demand Ellucian Workflow Put Ellucian Workflow functionality to work by automating a Wi-Fi access request process from submitting the request to receiving the email that communicates Wi-Fi access approval or denial. Afterward, automate similar processes at your institution. 47 minutes free view course
Set Up Case Assignment Notifications The On-Demand Ellucian Workflow is working well. Yet, wouldn't it be nice if the Approver could receive an email whenever a Wi-Fi Access Request has been submitted? If you agree, this course provides the information you need to email the Approver and include a link that will take the Approver to the pending Wi-Fi Access Request. 17 minutes free view course
Add Web Entry to an Existing Workflow Wouldn't it be even better if Visitors could complete the Wi-Fi Access Request form themselves? Why couldn't Visitors click a web link and initiate the request without involving an institution employee at that point? Explore this course and learn how to configure the workflow to generate a web URL Visitors can use. 13 minutes free view course
Verify Ellucian Ethos Software for Source Application Workflows This course outlines the steps customers should complete for Ellucian Workflow to create, read, update, and delete source application data through Ethos Integration. 17 minutes free view course